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Constance is a small town with a lot to offer. And, late-September puts you in town for the quintessentially German party of Oktoberfest. Scroll down to see some of the fun things to do here and in the surrounding areas.


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A place of perfectly preserved medieval architecture and cafe-lined cobblestone alleys, Constance is a city best explored on foot. The many walking tours on offer will help you uncover hidden gems, like the old district of Niederburg where there’s a street party on the first Friday of every month (»Gassenfreitag« May—October). Choose from guided walks covering different themes like churches and historical figures or self-guided walks that start from the Tourist Information Office at the central train station (pick up maps there).

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The farmland around Lake Constance is blanketed with vineyards, thanks to the southwest region’s warm climate and sunny skies. Varieties like Pinot Noir and Müller-Thurgau are famous here and can be found growing right on the lake’s shores. Try them at the many bars stocking local wines or visit a vineyard for the full experience.

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If you like great beer, tasty food and lively music, you’re in the right place. Southern Germany is the undisputed home of the national festival of fun known as Oktoberfest—held in mid-September to early-October every year. Constance hosts its own festival with amusement park rides, stalls and a grand beer tent set up by the lake. And for those wanting the full immersion, the Oktoberfest capital of Munich is only 2.5 hours away.

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Lake Constance is Europe’s largest drinking water reservoir, supplying some 4.5 million people via a 1700 km pipeline system. The lake is fed by the Rhine, which carries natural melt and rainwater straight from the surrounding Alps. With low hardness, low nitrite and a balanced mineral content, the water tastes great straight out of the tap. In restaurants, ask for Leitungswasser (or tap water) instead of the normal carbonated water.

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Sharing a border with Switzerland, Constance is the perfect jumping-off point to explore the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. This famous mountain range system—the highest and most extensive in Europe stretching 1,200 kilometres across eight countries—can be easily accessed by car or public transport. Only 2.5 hours by train from Constance, the stunning Säntis mountain (2501 m) in eastern Switzerland is a great nearby option, with wild-flower dotted alpine pastures, towering mountain views and a cable car ride.

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Being at the lake means that there are lots of fun activities on the water like sailing, canoeing, stand-up paddling, waterskiing and diving. You can either rent the equipment and do it yourself or attend courses. Sailing on the lake, however, requires a special licence.

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The nature reserve known as Wollmatinger Ried, where the Rhine flows from the main lake into the Untersee, is the largest and most important nature reserve on the German shores of Lake Constance. Over 290 bird species flock to the reserve’s rich reed beds. An excellent place from which to explore the nature reserve as well as the flora and fauna of Lake Constance is the NABU-Centre, which offers exhibitions, slideshows, and informative guided tours.

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